• Diadem extensive system

    The Diadem-150 Extensive System was selected in 2010 to replace the 6,000 square foot eco-roof on the Ecotrust Building in Portland, OR.

  • DRS-Standard self

    The DRS-Standard self-stabilized safety railing was specified at the APLHA PARK project in Sopron, Hungary in 2008, since it meets the IBC code, and reduced the hazard of a leaking roof by not penetrating the membranes.

  • The FLG fall

    The FLG fall arrest system is one of Diadem's special features, which distinguishes us from other green roof suppliers. The system is engineered to meet the DIN/EN 795 safety standard by using the extensive growing media as a ballast.

  • Contacts

    Seasonal update, in June Clarkia Amoena dominates in the vegetation after seven months of seeding on the Seattle Children's Hospital green roof.

  • Diadem's D-150 multilayered

    The biggest greenroof in Central Europe is on Csepel Wastewater Facility Treatment Plant, in Budapest, Hungary. Diadem's D-150 multilayered extensive system covers the south block.

  • Drawing 9

    In Kansas City the RDA products were installed on the city library's patio. These products are made out of recycled composite, and suitable for the edging of superstructures with various layer-thicknesses on roofs of mostly limited load bearing capacities. (Courtesy of Charlie Miller)

Welcome Jon!

Sept. 25, 2017
DiademUSA is pleased to announce that Jon Crumrine has joined them as VP of Business Development. More »


Established in 1995, APP’s sole business profile is the development and sales of DIADEM® green roof systems and accessories. We offer optimum solutions for structural junction points and the appropriate build up of layers for successful installations and long-term viability.

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KLS telescopic edge profiles are L-shaped and made out of aluminum with perforations along the main fold for continuous drainage. The 6.56ft long pieces have an insert of the same length, making the lenght adjustablebetween 6.56-13.0Ft, saving installation time and making cuts unnecessary.

Designed by Seattle-based Thomas Rengstorf & Associates (TRA), landscape architect Forrest Jammer of TRA who selected DIADEM® USA as the green roof system for many reasons, especially for the quality to engineer a roof that would not only provide an aesthetically pleasing retreat, but also complement the overall sustainability goals of the expansion.

The DiaSafe® Systems are anchoring devic-es which ensure the safety of staff working at heights. They have been tested by TÜV-Austria, Europe’s leading safety certification organisation.



Water-retention and flow-delay drainage board

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Drain cover and inspection box for extensive green roofs

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DiaSafe-Line-System "Multi"

Fall protection system with multiple anchoring points

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"To know that you have a beautiful green roof to go to in this building is a priceless amenity and great for creativity, too." - said Cathryn Vandenbrink, Artspace property manager More »


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